Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

At Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Company, we provide affordable, reliable residential and commercial plumbing solutions for Nashville residents. When it comes to plumbing, it’s common to have questions when things go wrong. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our customers.

There is an odor coming from my sewer. Can you perform sewer line inspections?

Yes! When customers notice foul smells from their sewer line, this typically means that the P-trap needs to be repaired or replaced. It’s also possible that a leak is present. We will gladly inspect your sewer line to detect and solve the issue. If we are unable to determine the problem by eye, we can also perform a smoke test.

Does your plumbing company use sewer line cameras during inspection?

Yes, we use camera technology to inspect both small and large sewer drains. We are also happy to provide footage for clients upon request.

Do you provide backflow testing?

Yes, we test, repair, and install new backflow devices. We work on all backflow sizes, small and large, to ensure that no contaminants are able to enter your water system and that it will safely pass inspection.

Can I request a free plumbing estimate?

We only provide free estimates for extensive plumbing projects. However, our local plumbers can come out for a service fee of $170 and provide a quote for any service you may need. However, we offer a $170 discount if you book with us.

Do you provide gas line repair?

Absolutely! Whether you’re experiencing a gas leak or other issue, get in touch with us. We perform gas line repair and replacement throughout the Nashville area.

Are your plumbing contractors certified to work on HVAC systems?

Our plumbers repair components of HVAC systems, such as condensate drains, but we do not work on the HVAC unit itself.

Can you repair my home appliances?

Our team does not work on home appliances. However, we will happily repair or replace any damaged water lines or drains that may be connected to your issue.

Are you available 24/7 for emergency plumbing in Nashville?

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We understand that plumbing emergencies happen after hours, so what kind of plumber would we be if we weren’t there when you need us the most?

Do you offer new construction plumbing or remodeling services?

Not only are we plumbing experts, but we also provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. Whether you’re planning a complete home renovation, looking to make a few enhancements, or building a new home, we can help with new construction plumbing, painting, hardware upgrades, and more!

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If we missed your question, don’t hesitate to contact our local plumbing company. There is no plumbing problem that is too big or too small for our team!

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