When you hear scary noises coming from your everyday home appliances, “who ya gonna call?” … Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co. We know how scary it can be when something is not working properly, but don’t worry! Just because there is a scary sound doesn’t mean that it is not fixable. As our favorite ghostbuster, Peter Venkman, once said, “Generally you don’t see that kind of behavior in a major appliance.” The same can be said about the scary plumbing noises coming from the appliances in your home. So let’s talk about the spooky noises that you might be hearing in your home!

Do You Have Bats in Your Attic… or Is It Just Banging Pipes?

Have you heard large and mysterious banging inside your house? While it can sound intimidating and scary, there is an explanation for why your pipes are banging. The most common cause of banging pipes is loose pipes. When there is a change in water pressure, it can cause the unsecure pipes to bang. You might notice that the banging typically starts when the source of running water turns off, causing a change in the water pressure. 

Banging pipes usually require immediate attention and should be looked at by a professional plumber. Luckily, at Jack Ward & Sons, we have several well-trained plumbers who can resolve the banging pipes immediately!

Has Your Gurgling Toilet Become a Bubbling Cauldron?

When you hear a gurgling sound coming from your toilet, it may sound like you have a bubbling cauldron full of witch’s brew in your very own bathroom! Rest assured, there are no witches in your home, as the gurgling is just the sound your toilet makes when there is a clogged sewage line or cracks in the sewage line. The gurgling sound usually comes from air that gets into the cracks of the sewage lines. 

When this happens, it should be solved by a trained plumber since these clogs can be deep in the sewage system and may require someone who is specialized in plumbing and has the proper tools to fix the situation.

What Skeletons Are Hiding in Your Closet?

As if the bats in your attic weren’t bad enough, now you hear loud thuds in the wall and assume there are skeletons in your closet. The thuds in the wall are most likely only happening when the faucet turns off, affecting your pressure hammer. The thudding occurs because the increase of air pressure in your water pipes causes the pipes to rattle when the air pressure is released. We recommend that you call us so we can find the perfect fix to make the thudding stop!

Are Plumbers the New Ghostbusters?

Here at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing, we might not need to get a monster out of your house, but we can make sure that those scary sounds are taken care of once and for all. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you never have to be left with a sticky situation on your hands. So, next time you need your drains professionally cleaned, “Who you gonna call?”… Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Co! Contact us today.