As a restaurant owner, one of your biggest responsibilities (and pains) is cleaning your grease trap. Without proper grease trap maintenance, your business could face repercussions, or even closure, due to risk of health complications, fires, and other serious problems. Thankfully, some Nashville plumbing companies, like Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Company, provide restaurant grease trap cleaning and certification services – giving you one less thing to think about as a busy restaurant owner.

5 Ways Your Restaurant Will Benefit from Grease Trap Services 

Our local plumbers at Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Company are licensed to certify your grease trap for its yearly inspection so your restaurant stays running smoothly and safely. Here are some top ways that you and your business will benefit from our professional grease trap services.

1. You’ll prevent health complications.

Providing your employees with a healthy work environment should be one of your main priorities as a restaurant owner. Did you know the waste in your grease trap becomes toxic if it sits too long? This creates an unsanitary workspace for your staff, resulting in sickness and other health complications. If you neglect your grease trap, you could face poor employee retention and potential lawsuits. 

2. You’ll be ready for your grease trap certification.

Commercial kitchens are required to keep their grease traps sanitized. By failing to do so, they can get penalized or even shut down. Jack Ward & Sons Plumbing Company wants to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, which is why we offer yearly commercial grease trap cleaning and certification services for restaurants.

3. Your restaurant won’t have a foul smell.

Grease traps accumulate fat, oil, and grease (FOG). If you don’t properly clean your grease trap, FOG can release a foul, rotting odor throughout your restaurant. With bad smells in the air, you risk the chance of employee and customer dissatisfaction as well as a poor reputation. 

4. You lower the risk of fire.

Another danger of a dirty grease trap is the risk of fire. An excess of FOG can cause flames to erupt in your kitchen – an easily preventable mistake! Make sure that your restaurant has a grease trap maintenance plan to avoid fire damage, injuries, and property loss.

5. You can prevent damaging your grease trap.

Your grease trap can become ineffective and damaged without the right upkeep. Instead of shelling out extra dollars for a new one, take advantage of our professional grease trap services so you can keep your system running longer and more efficiently. 

4 Signs It’s Time for Grease Trap Cleaning

If you’re a new restaurant owner or aren’t familiar with grease trap maintenance, you should be aware of the following warning signs that your system is overdue for a deep clean:

  • A bad smell coming from your kitchen
  • A clogged or slow drain
  • Grease in unusual locations
  • Greate trap one-fourth of the way full

Keep in mind that you won’t have to worry about these issues if you hire professional grease trap services!

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